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About Me

I’m Amy Lay, an actress, singer, dancer, yoga instructor, and trainer.

As a 19-year resident actor and Art Director for one of the largest theater companies in America, I’m performing in or collaborating on over 400 performances every year. For the past 5 years, I have also pursued another passion - promoting the balance of physical and mental wellness through the power of weight training, the joy of clean eating, and the practice of yoga.

We are pummeled daily with noise that clouds our judgment, pollution that promotes disease, and foods that just fill us up, instead of nourishing us. We live in a world full of unavoidable stressors, but the power to heal ourselves is right here, right now, and in each of us.

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My Services

Personal Training

We will agree on 2-3 times per week to meet at your home and then you decide how you would like your personal practice to proceed thru yoga, physical strength training and/or nutrition wellness activities.

This also may include a trip to your local grocery store to discuss proper food label reading, and learning what foods are right for your personal journey to wellness.
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*For the beginner yogi and all levels interested in developing strength in their yoga practice.

* specializing in form and breaking down transitions

*Emphasis on breath and body awareness to create balance.

*Locations - Your Home / Home Gym/ @Shape Fitness or Wanderlust Studio
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Trapeze Yoga

Don't have the "patience" for a general yoga class?

Not for the faint of heart!  However, if you are an athlete, weightlifter, yogi, or just don't mind going upside down and having the DEEPEST Stretch of your life, then come join me!
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Food Wellness

Gain a comfortable relationship with food FINALLY!

Learn what foods are inflammatory to the system and anti-inflammatory
supplements to help boost immune health and over-all alertness
throughout workouts and day to day life. 

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Yoga - Saturdays @ 11:30am
Wanderlust Studio

Yoga - Tuesdays @ 6pm 
V Power Yoga 
(Inside Shape Fitness)

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